Why Sell at Auction

Auctions have been a preferred method of selling assets for generations. Technology and the internet have made the world smaller and auctions even more effective.

It’s exciting! Buyers love the prospect of getting a deal, and the last minutes of an online auction can create quite a frenzy. Emotions run high at auction close fueled by competition, excitement and the anticipation of owning the item.

It’s Time Based. You know exactly when your assets will be sold and when to expect a check.

It’s Market Based. Bringing the market to your assets determines true value. Assets are worth what someone is willing to pay you in cold, hard cash. A valuation without an offer to purchase does not put money into your pocket – auctions do.

It’s Convenient and Flexible. Online auctions are the perfect match for many sellers due to their flexibility. Location, terms and dates are all set based on the needs of you, the seller. Buyers take advantage of the convenience of online bidding, maximizing participation.

It’s Effective. K-BID has thousands of motivated buyers online each day, ensuring that your assets get the exposure they need in order to sell for the highest possible value.

It’s Hassle Free. No negotiations, low-ball offers or wasting time trying to sell on your own. The auction method is quick and efficient, leaving you with a check and a feeling of accomplishment.

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