Having an estate sale can be a difficult decision, let 3 Rivers Trading help you with the process

Quite often adult children of aging parents find themselves having to make difficult decisions about their parents’ stuff. This can include a home as well as personal property. Whether you’re dealing with downsizing, a move to a nursing home, or the death of a parent, you may find yourself asking, “What do I do with my parents’ stuff?”

Most likely you’re facing this dilemma with limited time, energy, and resources. This is especially true if you live far away. Hey, you’re not alone out there! In some cases the need to get back to work on Monday (or even just grieve) means time is of the essence.

Let 3 Rivers Trading help you with this process. We can help you take the pressure off your shoulders. Whether it’s an entire collection or just a few items, 3 Rivers Trading makes it easier. Everything from packing your items up to final delivery to it’s new home 3 Rivers Trading can handle it all. Let us do the HEAVY LIFTING for you!

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